Magpul Waffle Iron April Fool’s Joke now in high demand

PMAG-SHAPED WAFFLES SEEMS TO BE A VERY APPEALING PROSPECT. THE MAGPUL WAFFLE IRON WAS MEANT TO BE A JOKE, BUT THE GUN COMMUNITY WANTS THE REAL DEAL. April Fool’s Day always seems to sneak up on us and sometimes the jokes are just plain cruel. Tim Kennedy announced a return to the UFC causing many to cheer him on. This Then a follow up “April Fools” post to pop our hope bubble. Firearms news that is released on April 1 is always suspect, but you never know. For example, on Monday it was announced that the B&T APC9K was the …

NAVY Seal Watch

Tacti-cool: Top Five Watches for the field under $200

Tactical Watch: Things to consider Whether you are gearing up for a deployment and need a battle tested timepiece or you are simply looking for a nice military inspired watch, here are a few things to consider. What exactly do you need the watch to do? While finding the right watch some features and aspects will remain important no matter the intended purpose for the watch, such as accuracy and dependability. However, some features may one individual more than others depending on how they intend to use the timepiece. For example, a pilot will have different needs than an infantryman diver, who…

Tacti-cool: USSV Rhino GX

The first time you get a look at the US Specialty Vehicles’ (USSV) Rhino GX rolling down the road,  your first thought is Military/Law enforcement vehicle. The Rhino GX is an armored urban assault vehicle that would easily put an individual or group of friends in the role of playing a Special Forces team smashing through roadblocks and barricades to get to a target. Although we don’t recommend playing commando and smashing through anything with this vehicle, the Rhino GX definitely seems to be purpose built for that sort of work. Although the Rhino GX looks like the younger brother…

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