The Gunny (R. Lee Ermey) not included in Oscars in Memoriam 2019 Segment

The Gunny (R. Lee Ermey) not included in Oscars in Memoriam 2019 Segment


Not that any of us give two $#!ts about Hollywood or the Oscars, and from the Patriot point of view, whether Military, Second Amendment Advocate or Constitutionalist, we can all agree that Hollywood is a world dominated by hypocrisy. Hollywood film makers gross millions by glorifying gun violence. Meanwhile, it’s elite cry from their walled mansions with armed security for more gun control. The majority of Hollywood actors, actresses, directors, producers and studios are all equally guilty and responsible. Very few have the boldness of character to go against the grain and those that do are ignored or even outcast. The latest disgusting example of hypocrisy came in the form of the Oscars and it’s in Memoriam 2019 segment when it left out, Military veteran and 2A advocate, R. Lee Ermey.

R. Lee Ermey, “the Gunny,”  was an icon of the military in Hollywood. The humble star maintained his Marine Corps ethos and remained a stedfast supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the firearms community. As anyone can imagine, this most certainly cost Gunny opportunities in Hollywood and most assuredly resulted in Ermey being left out of the Oscars in Memoriam segment.

Ermey, a former Marine Corps drill instructor, burst onto the screen as Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, a mean, hard-nosed DI training devil dogs for the jungles of Vietnam. The film was, “Full Metal Jacket,” an anti-war film that in spite of it’s intentions became a cult classic for soldiers and Marines everywhere. For the firearms community, Gunny became a legend.

Ermey accomplished much more than his role in “Full Metal Jacket”, starring in many roles. Gunny displayed both depth and talent as a character actor in a long, successful career. The supporting role in “Full Metal Jacket” is by itself worthy of entry into the Oscars segment. There is no legitimate excuse for not giving this icon the respect due to him by Hollywood’s biggest honor.

Sources state that there was no answer given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as of February 2, 2019. But a simple visit to, which is the ABC website promoting the Oscars would show us that his exclusion was intentional. On the sites photo gallery, “Oscars In Memoriam 2019 Photos” is 138 of 211, R. Lee Ermey.

The inclusion on ABC’s Oscar website shows that ABC at least recognized Gunny, by why did they forget to include him in the segment of the broadcast? Well, ABC didn’t forget, it was intentional. There are 211 names on the list and R. Lee Ermey didn’t make the cut. Someone in Hollywood felt he didn’t fit the agenda.

There is no legitimate reason. Ermey’s career and accomplishments demand inclusion, but the hypocrite talking heads didn’t want him there. Why? because he was one of us. He loved his country and it’s constitution. He served and defended both. He was part of the Firearms community and supported our right to keep and bear arms. Hollywood doesn’t want us, only our dollars. They want us silent. They want men like Gunny to go away quietly. Unfortunately men like Gunny never die.

Oscars or not, we will never forget you Gunny. You will live on in our hearts and memories.

“But always remember this: Marines die, that’s what we’re here for! But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means you live forever!”

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